Satisfactory test day for CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar riders

Alonso leads the test, three tenths over the second, and Esteban is twelfth, just 1.2 seconds off his teammate


The CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar has closed the Jerez test satisfied with the work done and the results obtained. Colombian David Alonso has led the first two sessions of the day, always more than half a second faster than the rest of the members of the Moto3 grid. He has only lost that first position after finishing the last session of the day earlier, when he had already completed his work plan. Collin Veijer has taken advantage of that moment to improve the Colombian's time, although he was still far from the 1:43.948 that has made Alonso the fastest Moto3 rider in the test and which leaves him just two tenths off Jerez’s all-time lap record. Alonso and his team have focused on completing race simulations in the three sessions, something they have achieved with optimal results. In the first session, the CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar rider has completed a total of 15 laps faster than any other rider in the category in that session, and in the second session there have been seven more laps faster than anyone else’s.

Joel Esteban has concluded the Jerez test happy with the performance that he has been able to show on the track after having fought for the top 5 last Sunday. The young Spanish rider has worked with a different set-up to change the weight distribution of the bike, with runs of between 15 and 19 laps to check its performance in racing conditions. Esteban has achieved his best time in the last session of the day, a 1:45.197 with which he equals his times from the race. The next race for the CFMOTO Gaviota Aspar riders will be on May 12 at the French Grand Prix.


1st David Alonso 1:43.948 (45+19 laps): “It has been a positive test because we have been able to complete up to three race simulations and each time we have understood more about the tyres, the riding style and the set-up. We have good information for the next races.”

12th Joel Esteban 1:45.197 (+1,249, 65 laps): “I am quite happy with how the test has gone, because we have tried many things, and we know which ones work and which don't. This will help us on race weekends, it will lighten our workload. I have ridden alone and with references, and both situations have been good for me. Being alone I have set a good pace with used tyres. At the end of the day, I have set a 1:45.1, the same time as the race, so I can leave this test happy.”